Ireland is a country that has a very rich history when it comes to creating national dishes. This site is for the purpose of telling the reader about some of the most delicious meals that are available while on holiday there. We will be lImage result for irish cultureooking in particular at what food can be found in the North West of Ireland.

With the articles we provide you will be taken on a journey of the culinary treasures to be found in this specific part of the country. This includes the traditional dishes that have since gained popularity throughout the rest of the world.

We also talk about some of the most recent developments and news in Ireland related to both food and the culture in general. Not only that, we also have a section entirely dedicated to some of the great traditions of Ireland. This is particularly useful for those who want to know more about the broad history of the customs handed down through the generations.

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It is hoped that all the article pages on this site will be able to provide some very useful information for the reader. Our main motivation is to promote the culinary culture of Ireland.