Casino Game Sponsorship

It is clear that the sponsorship of a project that supports food heritage can benefit a business. Once a casino has decided what they want to sponsor it is then time to announce it to the public. One of the issues with Image result for Mummy's Goldthis fact is that it can be an expensive thing to do. After all, advertisement is not usually cheap. Luckily a casino already has an outlet for telling customers of the sponsorship: their own online games.

This could be anything, from Mummy’s Gold to a multiplayer virtual poker championship. Whatever the type of game being played, the method of advertisement can be fairly similar throughout. Most online gamblers prefer to play their games through apps on their smartphones rather than on a computer.

Therefore the campaign for advertising the sponsorship of a food heritage project should be based around online casino apps rather than websites. This is because it allows for a much higher number of potential people to see it.

One great thing about apps is that they can give notifications to the player. This is one of the most convenient ways of announcing the sponsorship. It means that a message can pop up on the players phone from the casino. An example of this could be: “Big Announcement. (Insert casino name here) is sponsoring a project that promotes Irish food heritage. Click here for more information.”

If the player has disabled the use of app notifications then it is time to reconsider the nature of the campaign. The announcement itself could pop up in front of the phone as soon as the payer opens the app. That way the player will be able to read it clearly. You could even add a function where the player must scroll though the text in order to get back to the original game.