Food Quality Increase To Help Tourism

Ireland has for many years relied on the tourist industryImage result for Food Quality in order to help sustain its economy. Because of this there is now a growing trend towards producing high quality food to help bring in more customers. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of artisan sustainable food start ups in Ireland and this is clearly linked to a need to satisfy a more demanding class of customers.

46% of participants during one survey stated that they want authenticity in the food they eat. Because of this many Irish restaurants throughout the country are turning to locally produced food stuffs. Tourists clearly want the food they eat to be unique and special to the region that they are visiting. They have also proven that they are willing to pay a little extra for this service.

Food tourism has become less about the taste than of the experience of enjoying the food itself. Customers want to have the privilege of trying something that requires them to travel in order to eat it. They do not want the type of food that they can get anywhere.

Ireland has a rich tradition of creating delicious and inventive dishes. Nearly half of the tourists who visit the country come there in order to taste what is on offer. Because of this it is important for owners of restaurants to realise the new demand for high quality.

Customers now have the power to review a restaurant online and this can have devastating consequences for an establishment. On a more positive note the places that do follow this new trend of high quality food will benefit from the ability to spread positive reviews worldwide. These types of restaurant will certainly thrive in the coming years as an ever greater number of tourists flock to Ireland.