Fish are one of the most important natural resources for Ireland as a nation. This is a huge industry that is estimated to create €700 million per year for the country. On top of that it helps to provide 11,000 jobs for it’s citizens. Many people in Ireland struggle to find work on the coast as most of the positions are located further in land. That is why a large number of Irish people choose to be employed on the numerous fishing boats throuImage result for Fishghout the country.

This industry does not just include the actual catching of fish but also their processing and farming. Once a fish is caught it can go into a number of other industries. This can include restaurants where it is served to customers as food. The brewing industry use fish parts as part of the process of making a number of different alcoholic beverages. However, the rise of vegan beer is having an impact on the amount of fish parts used in recent years.

Not all the fish caught are eaten by humans. Pet food companies pay a large amount of money for the stock caught. This goes into an abundance of cat and dog food products. This industry also has links with marine agriculture. The number of fish farms within Ireland has steadily risen. These facilities breed live fish for commercial purposes. It is an alternative to continually catching fish at sea.

There is an unfortunate reason for the number of fish farms emerging throughout the country. There has been a dangerous trend of over fishing throughout the world. Ireland has also contributed to this trend. There are at the present time an alarming amount of species that are under threat from being over fished. These farms help to prevent too many of them from being caught at sea.